When everyone sleeps Finikia dances…20 October 2018

Don't miss the traditional festival of Finikia 20 October 2018

The feast of Agia Matrona in Finikia is on October 20, when Santorini is emptied from the hordes of tourists and so the locals have the opportunity to take care of their own and have fun. On the eve of the afternoon, the double-bell of the church means the start of the traditional festival.

Just opposite, in a beautiful half-built building (an old feast) with a spacious courtyard, the benches, the two large cauldrons with the meats and the pilas are set up. From musicals, besides the local beggars – violin and hatchery – help from the surrounding islands comes with champs and bubbles, which are moments where all the music together – without microphone installations – create a dull atmosphere

Don’t miss this experience…its one my favorite days on the island!

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